Work Process

Augmatiks creates the unique hand-crafted website design solutions especially builds the excellent online presence to enable complete potential & follow advance process form bringing the business,development phase till contour delivery.

  1. Typical Process:

    Web development process is the extensive document outline with the unique steps required for starting the process. Our team of experts would efficiently divide and categorize work based on the high-level sections for each task with appropriate resources. In fact, it could be used as the roadmap for every project to the excellence. Following the detailed website design and development process, it is necessary to speed up the work that helps the clients to easily understand the role of the project.

  2. Planning:

    Normally, the planning stage is quite arguable and much more important process that sets the stage for the entire project. It requires the client interaction along with accompanying attention to detail.

  3. Requirements Analysis:

    In this stage, it is much clear to include the target audience, goals and detailed feature requests which is much relevant information. The project charter is used, to sum up information gathered. Normally, the documents will be typically concise as they are not technical overly.

  4. Design:

    At the design stage, we work on moving the information that is mainly outlined planning stage then further in reality. Our main deliverables include the documented site structure with visual representation. With the completion of the design phase, Wireframe and design elements planning will be started enabling more scope of the visual layout.

  5. Mock-Ups Based On Analysis:

    Designing the mock-ups allows relatively easier modification thus keeping more design elements organized in the layers to the maximum. In fact, it also efficiently primes the slicing as well as coding of time.

  6. Development:

    Development Process involves bulk programming work with the loading of content. Keeping the codes organized as well as commented efficiently refers to the constant planning and details of the complete website to take its shape. The strategic approach is enabled for avoiding the future hassle making constant testing. Development framework force to diverge based on the whole process using the Ruby on Rails and other frameworks with the content management system.

  7. Test And Verify Functionality:

    The testing team completely reviews the project with the complete walkthrough on the single page we have created starting from the home page to confirmation page. We make sure everything works in order and does not miss anything both functionally and visually.

  8. Launch:

    Our Launch phase efficiently prepares for the public viewing and it mainly requires the final polishing of the design elements, interactivity deep testing, and features. Consideration of user experience becomes the most important aspect of every environment along with different features.