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Augmatiks quality testing services are designed to solve software defects early in the project’s development life cycle. Our quality assurance team use the best tools to offer the precise testing results to our clients.


Our company has a team of preeminent and qualified software testing experts with better experience and expertise in testing and consulting services. We offer the best range of testing services including game testing, load testing, mobile testing, performance testing, automation testing and web testing. Our quality assurance team use the best tools to offer the precise testing results to our clients.

Why bother with testing Services?

Launching your website or application without rigorous testing is something like skydiving without using verified tools. Business owners spend thousands of dollars in   marketing to drive potential customer to a website but all of promotion will go down in the drain if users are getting bugs and errors on surfing website/application. This is the reason to think about software, website and application testing services.

What we do before launching a product?

We perform systematic testing and analysis to avoid any type of performance, security and uses related issues in new applications and websites. We provide proven website and application testing solution to help you launch online applications with confidence. Our team of dedicated quality testers provide the same quality work for your product as they do for our in-house projects.

What we do after launching a product?

Whether you make some minor changes in every week or you do big changes once in a few months, it is always recommended to make sure that such changes are not effecting the website/application performance. Our team of quality testers provide after launch review services for assurance of best online performance.

Quality Testing Services offered by Augmatiks


Cross Platform and Browser Testing

We test your website over 10 browsers to make sure that its working perfect on new as well as old versions of different browsers.

  • Testing website accessibility on different browsers
  • Checking site navigation and other links
  • Analyzing font size, Image positioning
  • Testing for responsive on multiple mobile platforms

Functionality and Data base Testing

Functionality related issues will always go against your favor. Some of our Data base and functionality testing services include –

  • Testing main functions of applications
  • Testing different forms, login and site search options
  • Testing payment gateways and checkout process
  • Checking functioning of third party applications
  • Checking integration with CMS and backend database
  • Using different methods to find issues

UX & Usability Testing

A user friendly website helps visitor’s get information in smooth way

  • Reviewing placement of images and other media files
  • Reviewing placement of CTA buttons
  • Checking readability, Font size and content padding
  • Reviewing visitors behavior and implement the things as per needs.

Website Security

Because of increased number of data theft and online transactions, security is important for every website owner.

  • Reviewing website for seeing any security problems
  • https, payment gateways security check
  • Scanning website for removing viruses
  • Blocking excess of website from un-ethical ways

Mobile Application UX Testing

Because of increased number of mobile users, it is important to open a website/app on mobile platform in a smooth way.

  • Testing mobile apps on multiple platforms
  • Conducting usability reviews on mobile devices
  • Checking load times
  • Testing other options including battery usage and installation process

User acceptance Testing

This process is to make sure that end users can work with the website or application in real world without any difficulty –

  • Analyzing application behavior
  • Validating software against business needs
  • UAT environment setup and process of deployment
  • Sharing reports with recommendations

Automation Testing

We accelerate testing cycle by avoiding manual testing routines.

  • Understanding software areas for automation process
  • Creation and execution of different test scripts
  • Conduction testing cycles using automation test scripts
  • Using a range of different testing tools
  • Reporting along with comparative results


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