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Rekollect app

Rekollect is a social networking site of video, article, image, journal, news, talk show and events sharing. A user can send a Friend request, Message them, Mark favorite, View the message in the inbox, View address book, and Create scratch book. User will Save any particular item, Lock and unlock item, View in list and grid view.

Prive app

Prive is an online booking platform for high-end nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. It will enable you to find tending events and venues arranged by categories. Also it will help in finding the events for the next day, View email details, set reminders, mark Favorites , select eateries around you and and view their menus & much more.


U-TOLF is an enlisted non-legislative association (NGO) in Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria, The main impetus for its development is the imperative need to close the consistently augmenting hole between the extremely rich and poor people


With StaySeated, you get better concession data and understand every aspect of your business. You will learn what items are being ordered the most to be delivered or as a quick grab and go items. You will be able to test different menu items and find out how well they move through a mobile process vs. through the concession stands.

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