Freelancer vs Companies- Customized App Development

Freelancer vs Companies- Customized App Development


When you decide to realize the ideas into reality as far as the Application development is concerned. We make searching for solution providers who can align your idea into reality. A solution provider may be a good company or good freelancer. Both options have certain limitation but in the meantime, you need to have good Application for your use. Being an entrepreneur or decision maker you have to very careful while choosing the right target for your project execution as each project has its own complexity and feasibility.
The first thing that should be considered before hiring any solution provider is that your solution provider should be very well aware of the services and products delivered by you in the market. If your service provider and you have had a proper understanding of conceptualization and also have done proper planning before starting the development then you are on the right track. But choosing a right service provider is not an easy task it often becomes difficult by a lack of understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each option. After this discussion, you will be able to make your mind regarding what option to prefer when you plan to outsource your IT projects.

Factors to Look For:
Transparency in Work
The major issue you experience while, all things considered, since they are situated at dealing with freelancers is transparency lacks to a great extent since they are located at a place out of reach, or in a completely different region altogether. Since you have no information whatsoever regarding their experience, delivery, or qualifications, it is difficult to monitor them constantly. It is more like a gamble here rather than a conscious approach.
With a professional company, things are pretty easier. Since they have a physical setup in place with stakeholders, infrastructure, technical team, and more, you tend to gain more trustworthiness into the company.

Meeting the Deadlines
Freelancers are not very professional when it comes to meeting the project deadlines on time. In fact, they won’t respond to phone calls, emails, and in any other ways.
This is not the case with a brick and mortar company wherein there is an unbreakable agreement between two parties. The agreement is enforceable making it evident for both parties for binding to the agreement in fear of the penalties involved. Additionally, in absence of resources, freelancers take much longer to complete the same project.
This is not the case with a brick and mortar company wherein there is an unbreakable agreement between two parties. The agreement is enforceable making it evident for both parties for binding to the

General Project Costing
Working with an organization is route costlier than working with freelancer since an organization includes a group of specialists dealing with your undertaking project. In any case, the consumption inside an organization pays off in long run, since there are no significant dangers included even in most complex situations. While freelancer comes for cheap, however they do go with an excessive number of undertaking obstacles bringing about long-term disasters.

Security and Warranty
Since a project is secured by a guarantee period, you can request the expert organization you have hired, to deal with the left out perspectives. In Fact, the organization will do rectify the issues still under the guarantee time period, to keep the reputation intact. Indeed, even the extent that the classification goes, the protection issue is managed through a privacy agreement. Thus, delicate information is secured by the employed organization, so that project details are not leaked to anybody.
With a freelancer, there is no such agreement, and hence data privacy is a big issue under scrutiny. Since there is no agreement, there is always a risk involved with sensitive information getting leaked out to someone else or competitors.

Experience Does Count
A long time of experience plays a critical role in accomplishing big when it comes to technicalities within your projects. For problems to get solved faster, experience involves tackling all kinds of situations in a rapid manner, especially in terms of wide technical expertise.
Working with a professional organization implies you are utilizing a team of expert designers and developers that add something to the table bringing in more knowledge and skill set.

Ongoing Customer Support
An expert organization has the correct sort of framework and individuals to give a progressing client support even after passing on the products to the customers. Freelancers lack the right kind of setup and hence it is not possible for them to provide ongoing maintenance.
Hiring a Freelancer

Pros Reasonable Cost- Freelancers tend to charge lower than that of professional companies with just 20-30% of the total cost charged by a company.

Adaptable Attitude- Because freelancers set their own schedules, you can have them work day and night to get your projects completed faster.

Easy Availability- Ever since the rise of a multitude of freelancing outsourcing platforms, you can get in touch with freelancers easily on Freelancer, Enlace, Guru, and more.
No Legal Bindings- There are no such major legal agreements or issues involved with freelancers, and hence it is easier to set terms and conditions as per your will.

Hard to keep your eyes on. Since freelancer work at their own particular will, it can be hard to monitor them all the time, working on your project.

Trust issue- Since there are no Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) included, it can be hard to trust freelancers showing full dedication towards your project. Even there are confidentiality issues related to data privacy.

Seriousness compromised- When individuals take up work, they tend to be less serious as compared to an organization on the whole. Hence, a quality product can be something taking a backseat in this case.

Lacking in organizational skills- While freelancers might be experts at technical knowledge, they still lack the soft personality traits or organizational skills such as time management, organizational behaviour, professional approach, etc.

No maintenance work involved – Freelancers might complete a project haphazardly. However, what if bugs or errors appear from nowhere? They will show no more commitment to sorting out the post-deployment problems, and not stand responsible for post-delivery issues if any.
Hiring a Professional Company

End To End Consulting- This particularly is a help if there should arise an occurrence of new businesses or ventures simply beginning new. A professional company offers end to end services with the likes of business consulting, idea evaluation, business analysis, project estimation, and more.

Latest Technologies – On Board. Since new technologies are evolving with moving time, the professional company can offer up to date contemporary solutions that freelancers might fail to do so.

The experience that is Diverse- When hiring a company, you are hiring a team of individuals with different kinds of expertise, as well as technical skills.

Legal Safety- Since you are bound to a professional company via contract or agreement, you have full assurance regarding the project completion on time under proposed budget with top-notch quality.

Relationships Build for Long Term- A professional company will satisfy you full-fledged ensuring relationships for the long term. This is unlike freelancers who just want to finish off with your projects rather than focusing on relationship building.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support- Long-term relationships do not mean just sufficing quality, but even providing a continuous support and maintenance after delivering the product.

The Ideal Choice
As per the thorough discussion we had above, a professional company has more or less same advantages as that of freelancers. However, there is just one disadvantage associated with hiring a professional company, compared to a number of disadvantages with freelancers.
Hence, if cost factor is not a major issue, hiring professional company is an ideal approach; whereas, if finance is a major concern, it is a wise approach to opt for freelancers.

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