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Best Technologies For 2019

Technology has come a long way in last few years, for example technologies like space travel, artificial intelligence etc., are a few steps away to become a reality. Technology has surely changes our lives in an unexpected but a wonderful way. In this article we are listing a few technologies that you should look out in 2019.

Cloud Computing : This is a concept that probably needs no introduction. It basically uses the servers that are hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data rather than a local server. So, all of the data that one uses will be on the cloud. The several giants of cloud computing industry are Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix. These cloud service providers provides services which users can use to create their own applications and satisfy their requirements.

Autonomous Things (AuT) : Autonomous Things or AuT brings computers into physical environment with a catch, that they so not have any human direction they freely move around and interact with the other objects. This technology uses Artificial Intelligence as well to increase the things that you can do with the hardware and the the software. It all starts with the self navigating drones that were one of the first products created uses AuT. Some of the upcoming projects under AuT are Autonomous cars or self driving cars, home robots or military robots etc.

Quantum Computing : Quantum Computing deals with computing where you use phenomena related to quantum mechanics like super position and entanglement. To give you an understanding of what we are dealing with let us first understand what quantum is. A quantum refers to the smallest amount of anything especially when it comes to the energy of sub atomic mass. That how small of a thing we are dealing with right now. A quantum computer uses quantum bits or qubits which can be in a super position of states. Now, how is that useful? A quantum computer if n qubits can have 2 to the power n different states simultaneously. Theoretically, quantum computers can even solve the problems faster than any classical computers.

Blockchain :A Blockchain is actually a list of records that is continuous in nature. Each of these records are known as blocks and are linked to each other and are secured by using cryptography. There are certain features that are unique to blockchain. These are:

  • Public Distributed Ledger : Which means, everyone in the network has an access to the list of the records
  • High Level Encryption : No false data can be added, because of the high data security levels
  • Proof Of Work : People need to solve complex mathematical problems before they can add a block to blockchain.
  • Mining : And finally, the people who add block to the blockchain are rewarded with the crypto currency of some similar ratio.

Artificial Intelligence : This involves creating machines that can learn, plan and solve problems like humans. AI is used to do a great number of things for example it is used for object detection, speech reorganization, image classification and solving problems related to data. But mostly it used to make the systems learn from their past experiences and use this experience to handle the data. AI is of four types, which is:
  • Purely Reactive : Where it does not have any past libraries stored, so as data is given to it, it performs actions accordingly.
  • Limited Memory : Here it collects some amount of information but they do not learn from it. Just based on the past experiences they will perform actions
  • Theory of Mind & Self Awareness : These both are almost same fields where similar devices are able to think on their own and be similar to humans

Cyber Security : The concept of cyber security does not any introduction because of how much focus its been on in the last few years. Its the practice of protecting networks, systems or programs from digital attacks. This is very important as it can make or break an organization. Some of its key benefits are:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Protection Against Cyber Attacks
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves Customer Trust

Internet Of Things (IOT) : It is the connection of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other electronic products which can exchange data on the internet. The main aim of Internet of Things is to improve the quality of life. The most common examples of IOT based devices are Alexa and Google Home. For example if you ask Alexa to turn off the lights and Alexa is connected to a smart light, it will be able to turn it off. Thus making our life easier.

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