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Google I/O 2019, Keynotes

Finally, that time of the year has come when Android developers look up to something new for the company's mobile operating system. Because the Google IO 2019 is finally a here it has, expectedly, left technical world buzz with major announcements. It's not only the developers to whom the Google IO exits but it also interest the average Google watcher. Now that the Google conference 2019 has wrapped its keynotes, there is a lot to recap from the whole episode. Google typically hops between each I/O year to focus on either hardware or software news, and this year brought on more devices than we got from 2018. Below are some of the most important things that Google had announced. We have brought to you the major highlights of Google I/O 2019, in case you have missed the event.

1. Android Q will have a dark theme now : Though, we have seen this feature in the early Android Q beta, but then we did not have a choice of turning it on/off. But now, you will be able to choose inverted app colors manually or turn it on by using battery saver mode. The latest Android Q beta today offers a dark theme for all standard Android applications. It will be done by swapping out bright interface colors for black and grays, thereby cutting down on the blue light streaming into the eyes. Problem solved, right?

2. Live captions to all videos : Now this one particular feature is our favorite and was must to have which Google has come up especially for people who are deaf and hearing-impaired, it is the feature of live captions to the videos. This feature would be available in Android Q. This will enable automatic subtitles to any media that you are watching, be it a video, on a camera roll or even video chats. This feature will also be helpful for all those who wish to watch videos in public by lowering the volume or by being on a call. So, the feature will let you do multitasking. Not just this, the feature will also be added to phone calls to help those who fail to understand clearly what is being said. Google says, “As soon as speed is detected, subtitles/ captions will appear even without internet connection.” Sounds attractive though!

3. Nest Hub Max : In last year’s, that in 2018, Google IO, Google had announced that it was about to increase the Google ecosystem with some smart home gadgets. So finally the whole announcement is made public in Google IO 2019, and it is the launch of a new product line i.e., $229 Nest Hub Max. A combination of Google Home Hub, Nest Camera and the Google Home Max, Nest Hub Max offers you a smart display, security camera and loudspeakers that too all in one gadget. With this, all the nest users will soon be asked to convert their nest accounts into Google accounts to create a smart and unified platform. The device is a larger version of 7-inch Google Home hub as it has 10-inch screen and a front-facing camera for video calls.

4. Midrange smart phones (Pixel 3a and 3a XL) : As already expected, Google has launched its midrange Smartphone i.e. Pixel 3a and 3a XL. The new pixel will be available in 3 colors – white, black and purple. Pixel 3a starts from $399 and Pixel 3a XL starts from $ 479. These phones come with advanced camera features like Super Res Zoom, Night Sight and portrait mode on both the rare and front cameras.

5. Pin favorite channels to Android TV home screen : Google is all determined to give a helpful feature of pinning your favorite channels to your Android TV home screen. At present Android TV allows you to reserve space on the home screen for the trending content like Netflix etc., but with this recent update you will be able to pin your most viewed channels on the home screen for the easy access.

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