Benefits of AMP Pages

Benefits of AMP Pages



AMP has been developed with an aim to gain momentum for the mobile websites. AMP is a new coding language (AMP HTML) which works by restricting code to increase loading speed and reliability.  As the term ‘acceleration’ clearly states, AMP contributes in boosting the loading speed of a page even if it is containing rich contents like Info graphics, Audio & Video files and PDFs.


How does Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) help you and your business?


Quick Loading of Pages for Mobile Users: This is prime things that AMP technology serves to us. On an average, people do not more than 3 seconds for opening up a website or getting a page loaded up on their mobile screens. AMP can prove out to be a savior in retaining your visitors, as it reduces the wait time by 85%.


Improvises Search Engine Ranking: Though not an independent factor for ranking on social engines, it surely induces mobile friendliness and page loading speed times which plays an important role in ranking.


Enhanced Click-Through-Rate (CTR): CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives over the number of times your ad is shown. Ever noticed a green symbol under the listed links that displays AMP. Websites with AMP open up faster so any user would prefer to go with these websites only. Infact, Google has also started screening AMP content that includes large images and videos as it tends to attract user’s attention with an ease.


Support for ads: AMP proves out to be very accommodating for website owners who want to increase their revenue by displaying different ads on their sites. AMP supports a wide range of ad networks and technologies for displaying good ads and rendering a remarkable user experience.


AMP Visitor’s Analytics: If your website carries a decent footfall by online visitors, AMP is a good to be opted for. Visitor’s behavior can be tracked efficiently with the support of AMP via automatically track visitor data such as visitor counts, new vs. returning, clicks/conversions, video and link tracking and many more.


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