About us

" Augmatiks is the ideal destination if you are looking for a trustable partner who can put himself in your shoes and knows how to turn your dreams into reality."

Augmatiks: An IT Venture of NewTier Group

The parent company of Augmatiks is the New Tier Group, which includes Augmatiks for IT, Stark Can for manufacturing, Naughtywear for retail and Justitia for legal matters. With over seven years of expertise in IT, Augmatiks has become a global technology company with unparallel capabilities in systems design, application integration, business analytics, database management, business process management, industry solutions and custom-designed software development. We are your trusted advisory partners in technology. Augmatiks utilises the latest technology into the design, develop and promote the undertaken projects in various fields like technology, mining, oil & gas, utilities etc., and is proficient in producing appropriate solutions that are high in quality and exceeds the industry expectations. Augmatiks has hired experts that have great experience in the field and are ready to face challenges with every new project. The company specializes in providing legendary customer services and is the market leader in the IT. Augmatiks provides a broad spectrum of services to the customers and the clients.

Turn your dream in reality with us

Are you searching for the most innovative App development and digital marketing solutions for your business? Augmatiks is the ideal destination. We at Augmatiks, aims to offer customer-oriented solutions. We always use creating a full spectrum of elegant and most innovative presentations.


Projects Done


Years of Excellence


Happy Clients

Requirement - Focused Approach

Our team believes in helping people to meet their business goals with ease. We provide digital tools and resources needed to level the playing field. If you are really passionate about a certain cause, we are just a call away. We are fully dedicated to learning and understanding your business requirements and are completely aligned to provide seamless UI/UX.

Customer Oriented Solutions

With our industry experience and technology expertise, we always provide great service solutions. We have helped many customers across the world in their App & Web design and development. We use innovative concepts to covers your digital marketing needs and we tailor customer-oriented solutions as per your requirements.

Life At Augmatiks

Our portfolio is integrated, including technology consulting, IT architecture, systems platform, ecommerce and web design, IT integration, business analytics, ERP integration and much more.

Crazy culture

A happy employee is a key to success and we completely believes in it. We empower our employees and let them decide what they want to do and how.

Open Door Policy

We set no bars. Every team member is given equal oppurtinity and power to level up their performance, as we know each person has a capability to become a leader. We make sure that even the senior most management is easily approachable.

Performance Driven Goals

Here at Augmatiks, there is only parameter to success and that is your performance. If you are a performer there is no one to stop you from getting on the top positions.

Self - Reliance

Only a self motivated employee can work with all his heart. We work with self motivated team and everyone is welcomed to put an dea on the table.