Ecommerce Mistakes that Drive Online Shoppers Crazy

Ecommerce Mistakes that Drive Online Shoppers Crazy


Online shopping is all about giving users a satisfying experience. Users expect a seamless experience while their virtual shopping. Hence, an eCommerce site should focus on offering an uninterrupted journey across its website.

The prime aim of any eCommerce website is to attract as many online visitors as possible and an increased conversion rate (from prospect buyers to buyers). However, unnecessary pop ups, ads, notification pull down user’s interest level to a great extent. All this can cause a loss ranging from losing a huge amount of money to losing a loyal customer.

If you do not want to face these losses, take a quick view through the following ecommerce mistakes that websites tend to commit and know how to prevent from them:


  • Misrepresentation of Product

You may have a site winning a big piece of the online customers. However, things will eventually fall down if the customers encounter a misrepresentation of the products.

Colors may differ on the digital screen. However, one has to understand the thin line between Difference and Misrepresentation. A thing mentioned as green in color should not be delivered as blue or likewise. This puts the customer in a hassle of exchange/ refund and creates disinterest eventually.

One more concern may arise for providing a bad picture of the product. The end user should get the complete view of the product from different angles. Hence, either use a big image of the product or offer an option to ‘zoom in’ the product.


  • Partial Product Description

You having a website obligated with the best graphics and images and high quality products all set to lure the customers, but having an improper product description. I, personally, would not go for a virtual product not well explained with its features and characteristics, would you? No one would risk to buy an online product without knowing its description.

Infact, there are sites showcasing a wrong descriptions that does not even match with the displayed products on the web page or where platform having products with no description at all.

The solution to this tragic event is to work towards writing a great product copy for all your products, which can certainly guide your customers about the product and would help increase the conversion ratio too.


  • Including Out of Stock Items

Imagine constructing a detailed filter list on a product web page and getting “out of stock” as a result.       What would you do? Perhaps, switching to a different website in the search of the product.

Now to prevent your website with this situation, if any of your products are out of stock, make sure to add a brooch on the product image, which should clearly state that the product is not available for now. Or else, you can offer an option in the filter itself for “Include out of stock items” so that the users can have an option to save it to their wish list.


  • Device Compatible Website

Every hand has a phone these day and the maximum traffic to eCommerce shopping sites comes from the mobile users only. Hence, it is needless to say that you should have a mobile optimized version of your ecommerce site that offers your audience a great shopping experience.


  • Compelling Users to Register

Registering yourself on an eCommerce website is a lengthy task to perform and may prove out to a big turnoff for many of your customers who would not necessarily want to register themselves to buy just one product. Hence, keeping this perspective in mind and valuing customer’s time and intention, you should offer a “Guest User” option. Also, offer your guests an option to save their favorite items in their shopping cart so that they can complete the purchase in their next visit.


  • ‘No Results’ Upon Searching

Giving customer a blank page is a big No. Instead, suggest alternatives to their search to maintain customer’s interest. You never know, if your alternatives turns out to be good enough to woo the customer and turn the lead into a sale.


  • Intricate Checkout Process

An uncomplicated and hassle free checkout process is equally important as a comprehensible shopping space. Use as minimum fields as possible and show all the important information on the same page, if possible. Provide the field for applying ‘Coupon Code’ on the checkout page. A summary mentioning the brief about ordered product and tracking updates would all the time be appreciated by any of the customers.


  • Not Revealing Necessary Information In Advance

Online shoppers may feel cheated if in case they come across added shipping costs or delivery charges at the time of checking out and not before that. This could be a good enough reason to abandon a shopping cart cancel the purchasing plan. This is a big NO. Always display shipping/ packaging/ gifting charges or any other sort of hidden charges on the product page or include the cost in the product cost itself. This will save them some nasty surprises during checkout.


These are the most common errors we may make in our eCommerce website. If your website has any of these grey areas, start working out on this right away. Motivate your audience to visit your website by offering them a seamless and wonderful experience. Your Revenue Returns are directly proportional to the experience you render to the customer.

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